30 Days to Slow the Spread

What is the 30 Days to Slow the Spread and why do we need it?

This is a 30 day "pause" to allow people to limit contact with each other during this critical time.  Because COVID-19 (coronavirus) is extremely contagious, it has the potential to spread so rapidly that our healthcare systems can become overloaded.  If this happens, many people will not be able to get the medical treatment they need.  This 30-day "pause" allows us to slow the rate, allowing our healthcare systems the valuable time needed to save lives.  It also allows us the much needed time to manufacture the needed resources to handle the increased demand.  All of this buys us valuable time.

This 30-day "pause" is all about slowing the virus down to buy us time to handle it.  It also allows us the opportunity to starve the virus and prevent further spread.  It's all about containment and control of the virus.  Everyone must do their part to slow down COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Here are some helpful resources on how YOU can help in this effort.  We must be united in this war.




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