Congressional Honesty, Integrity, and Reliability Bill

All members of Congress are elected by his or her respective constituents.  Those constituents put their trust in their respective Representatives and Senators.  Our government cannot survive if that trust is eroded. 

In order to achieve, and maintain, the highest level of trust in our elected members of Congress, it is imperative that our members of Congress be held to the highest level of honesty, integrity, and reliability.  Each member of Congress is required to ensure that his or her public statements (written, internet, radio, television, streaming, social media, etc.) are truthful.

If a member of Congress knowingly makes a false statement publicly, he or she will be immediately suspended from any House or Senate votes for 30 days, pending an investigation into the statements.  Within the 60 day suspension, a public hearing before the opposite chamber of Congress will convene and render a decision as to the validity of the accusations. 

If the accused member is found to NOT have knowingly made false statements, he or she will be removed from suspension.  If the accused member is found to have knowingly made false statements publicly, the accused member will resign within 24 hours of the decision and a special election will be held within 3 months for a replacement.

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