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Safe streets equals safe communities

Crime and gun violence is out of control in the Chicagoland area. The nation is watching us as our beloved city and suburbs are being ravaged by violence. I am partnering up with the police chiefs and community leaders in our district to identify what is needed to reverse this trend and clean up our district. I am committed to making District 2 the safest district in Illinois and in the country. Once in Washington, I will fight to get my constituents the tools we need to make our streets safe.

I will work with our police chiefs and prosecutors to ensure that every victim receives the justice they deserve.

It would be so easy to blame guns. However, guns cannot harm without a bad actor pulling the trigger. We have a plethora of gun control laws already in place. In fact, we have so many, it’s impossible to know all of them. Even if we got rid of every gun, those bad actors will find other ways (knives, bats, bombs, etc.) to harm and kill.

Crime is a result of societal disintegration throughout various institutions. By fixing those root causes and providing realistic solutions and support to our communities and law enforcement, we can, and will, see dramatic results.

I have bills prepared to introduce on Day One that will help our district by bringing jobs back to our district, overhauling education so it’s geared toward success, ensuring swift and strong sentences for violent felons, while providing rehabilitative, community-based initiatives for misdemeanor offenders, and ensuring that our citizens have equal access to their Second Amendment right regardless of their financial situation..  


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Criminal Justice Diagnostic Report

Amend Controlled Substances Bill (Reclassification of Drugs)

2A For All (Equal Application of the Second Amendment)

Rehabilitative Earn-Out Sentencing Time (REST) Bill (Federal Prison Reform with Guidelines for the States)

Rehabilitation Program List (suggestions, NOT complete list)

Since this bill can only affect federal sentencing because it was passed at the federal level, it would only provide guidelines for the States, so the States could implement similar policies.   

The First Step Act of 2018 (S.756) passed the House on July 25, 2018, and passed the Senate on December 18, 2018.  The First Step Act is more comprehensive than my REST Bill, dealing with much more than just rehabilitation and sentencing.  However, my bill is more liberal in using this Earn Your Way Out system to a broader range of crimes and inmates.  

Also, both bills provide a way for those wrongfully convicted to earn their way out, instead of wasting away serving their full time.  They have more hope for an earlier release than what exists under our current system.  However, I would also like for the First Step Act of 2018 and the REST bill to be used to provide guidance to the States to model their sentencing structures to mimic this Act and Bill, so we can bring sentencing reform to the States.  

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