Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions that have come up, and will come up, during this campaign.  This is where I will answer those common questions.  Feel free to send me your questions.  They may end up on this page (anonymously, if you wish).

1.  My property taxes are way too high.  Do you have a plan to reduce our property taxes?

2.  I heard (saw) a negative story about you.  Why haven't you responded to the allegation or defended yourself against the allegation?

3.  Do you think the Second Amendment should be repealed?

4.  If elected, would you support your party's leader(s)?

5.  What do you think about single-payer, government-managed healthcare and/or Medicare For All?

6.  What do you think about the Green New Deal?

7.  Should felons who have served their sentences be allowed to vote?

8.  Should voters in a federal election be required to show ID at the polls?

9.  Is it time to abolish the Electoral College?

10.  Which do you support more, capitalism or socialism, and why?

11.  Do you believe that climate change is real?  If so, is there anything that you think we can do to prevent it or reverse it?

12.  Are you Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?  At what point, if any, do you think abortion should be illegal?

13.  Do you support or oppose Free College Education for All?  Why or why not?

14.  Why are you running for the United States House of Representatives?

15.  Do you support reparations for African-Americans to right the past wrongs of slavery, Jim Crow laws, segregation, racism, discrimination, and oppression?


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