Issues Affecting YOU!

The whole reason I am running to be your Representative in Illinois' 2nd Congressional District is because, as a constituent myself, I am tired of people making promises on the campaign trail, only to serve their own self-interests once they get to Washington. You deserve to have someone dedicated to YOU and committed to solving problems. Here is where you can see my position on the issues affecting you. Once elected, I will be YOUR megaphone, YOUR voice in Washington. I will work for YOU!

I am asking that you review the following pages and the policies listed at the bottom of each page.  Then, send me a message to let me know what you think of my plans.  Better yet, give me ideas on how I can make these plans better.  I look forward to incorporating your ideas into OUR bills and solutions!

On each "issues" page, at the bottom, under the "policies" headline, you can click on the policy name to review the full policy/bill.


Congressional Accountability

Criminal Justice


Health Care



Jobs & the Economy

News Media

Race Relations






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