Jobs & The Economy

An investment in our communities is an investment in our future!

Employment opportunities are critical to every community. Unemployment affects much more than just your ability to pay your bills. When unemployment goes up, crime and domestic violence goes up. Unemployment endangers the family and the community as a whole.

Chicago’s south side has been ignored for decades. My beloved district needs some serious attention when it comes to jobs and the economy. As your Congresswoman, I am committed to bringing an infusion of great paying jobs to my district. District 2 used to be a thriving manufacturing district. I am committed to bringing manufacturing back. I am also working to bring more customer service work into my district.

I have policy initiatives drawn up and ready to be introduced into Congress on Day One. These policies will raise wages and salaries for the majority of my constituents who are already employed. One of the many reasons I do not support raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, is because it simply is not sufficient for my constituents. I want MORE for YOU! My policies will raise wages higher than that, but without costing businesses or the government anything.

We will get wages and salaries headed in an upward trajectory, infuse our district with quality employment opportunities, and lift everyone up. It's time to stop merely surviving and to start thriving! It’s time to invest in Chicago’s south side and southern suburbs!  


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Ban Economic Shutdown Today (BEST):  The economic shutdown of 2020 was unprecedented and catastrophic to our precious American families.  We can never let it happen again.

Freedom Health Plan Bill:  This key piece of legislation will increase income by putting more money in your pocket each and every month, while saving your employer money that can be used to increase wages and salaries even further.  

Industrial Hemp Production Bill:  This bill is designed to allow farmers to grow hemp on an industrial scale.  Once implemented, I will work feverishly to get manufacturers to build factories in our district so we can be on the front line of manufacturing hemp-related products like clothing, paper products, hempcrete (concrete made from hemp), foods, oils, milk, CBD oil, and so much more!  This bill will unleash an entirely new manufacturing industry and I want our district to be the manufacturing hub of this booming sector!

Petitioning Manufacturing Businesses

As soon as I am elected, I will launch my campaign to petition various businesses to bring their factories to Illinois' 2nd Congressional District.  I will continuously keep contacting businesses, explaining the benefits of doing business on Chicago's South Side and South Suburbs, and work to bring these jobs home to my constituents.  I will also continue to work with the President to ensure that my district is not being overlooked as the President is bringing businesses back to America.  You deserve a Congresswoman who will be right there, making sure YOU get a piece of that deliciously prosperous pie!

Space Force Base / Military Base

President Trump has directed Congress to establish a sixth branch of the military - Space Force.  Why shouldn't our district be a host to a Space Force Military Base?  Military Bases do not just employ military personnel.  They also employ a lot of civilians.  And they bring military personnel with them, which means more business to our local communities.  I would like to hear from you.  Let me know if you want a military base in our district.  If so, I will be committed to making sure our district is considered if such a Space Force Base is constructed.

Science and Technology Businesses

Science & Technology Companies are always expanding.  I will reach out to them to make sure they are considering our district when they are ready to expand.  Being on the front line of science and technology will provide our children with future jobs and careers, securing a bright employment future for them.  


As our world evolves, we are finding that a lot of the things we used to travel to do are being made possible from home - shopping, prepared food (pizza, Chinese, even Denny's delivers), education, and employment.  Although there are a lot of scams out there, there are also a lot of legitimate work that can be done from home.  I, personally, have worked from home, doing a variety of jobs from customer service, to grading tests, to testing websites, and more.  Especially, for the single parent who is already trying to balance a million things each day, working from home with more flexibility, can be a lifesaver.  I want to connect my constituents with legitimate work-at-home jobs, providing you with a better work-life balance.

Entrepreneur Apprenticeships and Mentors

We need to provide incentives to people who want to start a business and we need to provide guidance to our new entrepreneurs.  Starting a business is very hard and it is made harder by the plethora of laws, ordinances, statutes, codes, tax forms, etc.  Often that part gets so overwhelming that a person gives up chasing his or her dream of owning a business.  We must bridge that gap between the dream and the reality.  Matching mentors with new entrepreneurs to provide the guidance needed can help our innovative citizens realize their dreams.  Small businesses are the engine that makes our nation run smoothly and we have an obligation to make small business ownership easier, not more difficult.  This is even more important for minority-owned businesses, which often employ other minorities.  


If you have any companies you would like my team and I to reach out to, please let me know.  I am always looking for more opportunities for my constituents.  

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