Do you believe that climate change is real? If so, is there anything that you think we can do to prevent it or reverse it?

I have watch for decades as leaders have told us that some catastrophe will happen if we don't do this or that within a certain time frame. Yet, those catastrophes have not happened, even though the time frame has come and gone. However, this is not a reason to summarily discount a current claim of some impending catastrophe. I look at all available evidence and shape my opinions on evidence.

Our planet is in a constant state of change. It has been going on since our planet was created. It will continue to change long after we are gone.  I have seen conflicting scientific evidence.  I do not just listen to one side of the argument.  I always try to listen to all sides, regardless of the issue.  I reserve forming an opinion until I have all available evidence and facts.  

That said, I believe that there is a plethora of evidence that climate change is real.  I am still uncertain about the extent to which humans are contributing to climate change.  I believe that we are impacting the rate of climate change, however I have seen evidence that our impact is very large and I have seen evidence that our impact is minimal or even negligible.  

Even if the impact is great, I have not seen enough evidence to convince me that we can stop climate change or slow the rate of climate change.  Even if we, as humans, can slow or reverse climate change, we (as Americans) do not have the authority to dictate the policies of other countries.  So, I do not support policies that would drastically affect my constituents' lives without overwhelming evidence that 1) there is a catastrophe is on the horizon, 2) we have the ability to stop or reverse it, and 3) every other country is on board with the policy.  If any such policies have been proposed, I implore you to send me a copy or a link so I can earnestly review it.

However, I believe that we can always strive for cleaner air, cleaner water, renewable energy, and so forth.  As a person who struggled with childhood asthma, and as a parent of a child with asthma, I know first-hand how important air quality is.  We can always do better and I will always support reasonable legislation to improve our environment as long as it does not unduly burden my constituents.

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