Are you Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? At what point, if any, do you think abortion should be illegal?

First, I am both Pro-Choice and Pro-Life, which may seem impossible to some people.  It is not.  I absolutely believe that a woman has the right to choose when, and under what circumstances she procreates and becomes a mother.  I believe that every woman's right to choose comes prior to conception.  We, as women, have the right to choose whether to engage in sexual activity, with whom to engage in that activity, what birth-control methods to use (if any), where, when, and how often to engage in such activity, and so on.  The only exception is in the cases of rape, where the woman's choice is taken away from her.  

I have personally heard the heartbeats of my twins only 28 days after conception.  Doctors can detect a fetal heartbeat as early as 22 days after conception.  For most women, this would be when her period is approximately 8 days late.  This is NOT my opinion.  This is scientific fact.  I have never heard anyone dispute this fact.  And like I said, I witnessed this myself when I had an early ultrasound (suspicion of twin pregnancy - FYI, my suspicion was correct) when I was pregnant with my twins.

Most "Pro-Choice" supporters claim that abortion is about choice.  However, the statistics show a different story.  According to the Center for Disease Control, 85.7% of all women who obtained an abortion were unmarried (citation).  Married women tend to be more financially stable than single women simply because most married women have 2 adults who are capable of contributing financially to the household expenses.  An unplanned pregnancy provides a huge financial burden, especially on a woman who is not married.  That financial burden is a leading reason for many women to "choose" abortion.  Is it really a "choice" if it's a choice between financial hardship and extreme financial hardship?  If women are really "choosing" abortion free of the economic pressures, why is it that most women who have abortions are poor and why aren't more "financially stable" women "choosing" abortion?

Although I am opposed to abortion for a variety of reasons, I can certainly appreciate the difficult situation that many women find themselves in when faced with an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy.  I think the best solution to the high abortion rate is to provide women with the truth about abortion, other options such as adoption, and to surround these women with love, support (physical, emotional, psychological, and financial), compassion, and lifting them up so they can truly be empowered to choose life, for themselves and their precious unborn babies.  I support limiting abortion to the first trimester, as a matter of humanity and based on scientific evidence that the "fetus" is a human baby (beating heart, brain waves, etc).  However, any further limits or bans would need to also address the needs of the women in these difficult situations.  Any solution that ignores the needs of the woman during this difficult time would rightfully lose my support.  

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