Do you support or oppose Free College Education for All? Why or why not?

As with Medicare For All, providing free College Education merely shifts the burden from the individual to the government, without dealing with the real problem which is the COST.  I do not want to ignore the real problem.  I want to face it head on and solve the problem, not just "pass the buck".  There are many ways we can tackle the cost of college, making it more affordable for everyone.

People with college degrees are more likely to earn more money.  That is based on economics.  When something is rare, it tends to be more expensive.  Think about diamonds vs sand.  Diamonds are expensive because they are rare.  Sand is cheap because you can find it everywhere.  If everyone has a college degree, it will be as worthless as an 8th grade education is today.  Plus, college is supposed to be challenging.  College is not for everyone.  There are lots of people who start college, but never finish.  Encouraging people (who will later drop out) to go to college for free, leaves society with a huge bill but no societal benefit, hurting all of us.  

Plus, there are millions of people who went to college, got their degrees, and either are paying or have paid off their student loan debt.  What do we do with them?  It's not fair to expect them to pay for themselves, then require them to pay for strangers to go to college.  To be fair, we would to have to forgive all outstanding student loan debt and pay back the adults who have paid off their student loans.

Finally, the quality of higher education has plunged in this country for the past couple of decades.  I started to see it (but only slightly) in 2003 - 2005 when I was in college.  It has gotten much worse and we are graduating people who do not understand basic mathematics, English, science, or history.  Employers are having a difficult time finding college graduates who are qualified for the available job openings.  College is not preparing students for the real world.  If something is going to cost my constituents tens of thousands of dollars per year for each student, it better produce a highly qualified person ready and able to contribute to society and my constituents.  If it does not, we're merely throwing our money away, not investing in a productive future.

Therefore, I believe the solution to the high costs of college requires that we tackle the COST, not merely shift the burden, for which we will all pay the price and eventually we will all run out of money.  I also believe that we need to tackle the quality of college education to ensure that graduates are prepared for the workforce.

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