Why are you running for the United States House of Representatives?

The thought of entering politics never entered my mind.  It was something that I never wanted.  But, after 26+ years of watching Congress argue over how to solve the same problems and never actually solving those problems, I realized that we need problem-solvers in Congress.  I have watched as the south side of Chicago and Chicago's south suburbs have been ignored for decades.  I got sick and tired of seeing my fellow Americans suffering with problems that, with the right policy solutions, could be avoided.  Eventually, my frustration reached a boiling point.  I had to do something.  I could not stand by on the sidelines anymore.

I figured "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself."  So, I entered this race so I could bring solutions to Washington and solve the problems of our great nation.  Our nation is great because of the people, the citizens.  It's time for us to focus on solving these problems for our people, our fellow Americans.  Some politicians seek to divide us.  We need people who can unite us.  We deserve the best healthcare system, the best education system, the best immigration system, the best criminal justice system, and much more.  We need people who are focused on improving the lives of every American, regardless of age, race, gender, income, sexual orientation, or any other factor.  We are NOT a set of demographics.  All of us are people, worthy of respect and dignity.  Our politicians tend to forget that.  

I started this journey into politics begrudgingly because I felt that our nation needs someone like me, a problem-solver.  But this journey as changed me as a person.  I have been out talking to people and the lives of my constituents have really touched me.  I have seen, firsthand, the lives I can help.  Now, I want to win so I can help my beloved constituents.  I want to bring forth policies that will ease your suffering, your pain.  I want to clear the way for you to achieve the American dream.  I want my constituents to stop merely surviving and begin to THRIVE.  I want to clear the way so you can SOAR.  What started as a chore, has become a mission and purpose to truly improve the lives of the people in the district I was born and raised in.  You are all my brothers and sisters in this great American story.  And I am on a mission to fight for your hopes and your dreams.  YOU are why I am running and my LOVE for YOU is what has turned this chore into my passion, my journey, my mission.  I run for YOU!  I will serve for YOU!

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