I heard (saw) a negative story about you. Why haven't you responded to the allegation or defended yourself against the allegation?

Politics is a nasty, disgusting, and vile world.  I expect people to say all kinds of things about me.  After all, I have real solutions that many people support.  This makes me a threat on an ideological level.  If I acknowledge and respond to each and every stone thrown my way, I will have less time to talk about the solutions to our problems.  I refuse to allow my opponents to distract me from the positive, solutions-based policies I am proposing.  

Plus, I am focused on solving the problems that affect YOU.  While my opponents may want to focus on fairy tales  to distract you and me, I will not be distracted from fixing what's broken in our nation and our district.  While politicians engage in mudslinging, a genuine candidate is simply too busy with improving the lives of his or her constituents to engage in, or respond to, that type of juvenile behavior.

Therefore, I will not respond to such attacks, regardless of whether the attacks are true or false.  In my experience as a citizen and voter, around 90% of allegations are false smears to meant to derail a candidate who is succeeding.  A wise person takes it all with a grain of salt and a generous helping of skepticism.  My parents used to say, "Believe none of what you hear and only 1/2 of what you see."  And they are very wise.

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  • Theresa Raborn
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