Do you think the Second Amendment should be repealed?

The Second Amendment is our defense against a tyrannical government.  Even a cursory study of history shows us that just before freedoms and liberties are forcefully taken from a populace, the leaders take away the right to bear arms.  The Second Amendment is our only way to protect all of our other rights.  If the Second Amendment were repealed, we will have no ability to stop our government from taking away our freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to vote, freedom against unreasonable searches and seizures, right to an attorney (if arrested), right to a trial of our peers, right to due process, and so much more.  

For those reasons, I oppose any attempt to repeal the Second Amendment.  I do support some controls such as limiting gun ownership to only adults, preventing people with certain mental illnesses from owning a gun, and so forth.  I believe that the interests of the public and the interests of the individual need to be carefully balanced.  In any situation where the right to own a gun has been denied, that person should be afforded due process and allowed to have his or her case heard by a judge, jury, or magistrate.  I am against blanket denial of Constitutional Rights, including the repeal of any Constitutional Rights.

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