If elected, would you support your party's leader(s)?

I reject the notion that when I belong to a group, I must support everything about the group.  Group or party affiliation does not define me.  I am my own person.  I think for myself.  I do not let others think for me.  I will judge each situation on its own merit.  Whenever I find that my values, education, and experience do not align with a specific position that my party leaders have taken, I will vocalize that opposition and state the reasons for my opposition.  I will talk privately with my party's leaders in hopes of persuading them from making a decision that would negatively affect our nation, specifically my constituents.  I will respectfully debate the issue publicly on the House Floor.  

I was raised to chart my own course through life and to not follow the crowd.  My loyalty is with my constituents, not my party leaders.  The oath I will take on January 3, 2021 is an oath to the Constitution, not my party leaders.  When you vote for me, you are voting for an individual, not a party.

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