What do you think about single-payer, government-managed healthcare and/or Medicare For All?

In my experience, if something is too good to be true, then it usually is.  I have closely monitored our government and its leaders for almost 30 years.  I have found that every time government gets involved in something, the situation gets worse, not better.  Processes that are too slow, long, and cumbersome become slower, longer, and excruciatingly difficult.  If prices are too high, they skyrocket after the government gets involved.  This is not an opinion.  This is a factual trend I have observed.  

Our seniors are already paying part of their healthcare premiums, which are deducted from their social security checks.  Our seniors spent decades contributing to Social Security and Medicare.  Now, they are paying for the luxury of having something for which they already paid.  However, they are nor paying the full cost.  They are only paying about 25% of the Medicare costs.  Working adults pay for the other 75% of the costs.  If Medicare For All were to pass, the cost to our seniors would quadruple, leaving them with virtually no social security check left after their premiums.  This would be devastating for our seniors.  

Medicare For All merely shifts the medical costs from the individual to the government.  It does not solve the REAL issue - the excessively high medical costs.  Shifting the costs to the government will save the individual from the financial burden of healthcare, but it will bankrupt our government, our nation as a whole.  The best solution is one that attacks the COST of healthcare, not merely shift the burden to another entity.  After all, the problem isn't WHO pays, it's HOW MUCH it costs.

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