What do you think about the Green New Deal?

Again, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  I have watched for decades as leaders have told us that some catastrophe will happen if we don't do this or that within a certain time frame.  Yet, those catastrophes have not happened, even though the time frame has come and gone.  However, this is not a reason to summarily discount a current claim of impending catastrophe.  I look at all available evidence and shape my opinions on evidence.  

The Green New Deal, as it was introduced into Congress, is very vague on the nuts and bolts of how to implement these lofty goals.  The FAQ that was released is completely outrageous, mentioning eliminating planes and bovine (cow) flatulence, as well as guaranteed income even for those who do not want to work.  The price tag for the Green New Deal has been estimated to be almost $100 TRILLION!  To put that is prospective, our current federal budget is $4.746 Trillion for FY 2020.  The Green New Deal would take 21 years if we spent our entire budget on it, without any spending on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, parks, military, roads, bridges, student loans, etc.  Are you willing to give up all of that, and more, for the Green New Deal?  I am not.

Many of my constituents need and rely on these services.  I will not support any policy that would take away these services, because doing so would endanger the lives of my constituents.  I would support policies that encourage our transition to be more environmentally-friendly, as long as it is done in a gradual and humane way without overburdening my constituents.  As your Congresswoman, it will be my responsibility to protect my constituents and that is a responsibility I take VERY seriously.  

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