Should voters in a federal election be required to show ID at the polls?

I have been trying to figure out how any citizen could survive in our modern world without a photo ID.  I have been in various situations in my life and I am always being required to show a photo ID.  You need a photo ID to get a job, to apply for government assistance (WIC, Link/Food Assistance, Medicaid, LIHEAP, etc), to open a bank account, to make a bank deposit, to attend college or a technical school, to purchase certain over-the-counter medications and even some groceries (I've been carded for whip cream in a can), to purchase cigarettes or alcohol, to rent an apartment, and to buy a home.  The situations in which I have personally been "carded" are extensive.  This is merely a partial list.  

If we, as Americans, are required to show ID to buy certain medications and certain grocery items, why wouldn't we want people to show ID to exercise a privilege that is only reserved for United States Citizens?  If you are at least 18 years old, you cannot survive in our nation for long without a photo ID.  Even poor people need ID to apply for assistance (I've personally been there, done that).  Requiring people to show a picture ID at the polls only serves one purpose - to make sure that only those with the right to vote (U.S. Citizens) are voting and directing the future of our nation.  Therefore, I support voter ID laws, to reduce voter fraud and ensure the integrity of our free and fair election process, preserving the rights of all Americans, native-born and naturalized.

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