Protecting our protectors

Our freedom and liberty are not free. They are gifts bestowed upon us by the brave men and women who gave their blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes, life. Our veterans are one of our greatest assets. Without their sacrifice, we would not have the freedoms and liberties that we often take for granted.

Our veterans deserve our praise, prayers, love, and protection. Their families serve right along with them, never knowing if their loved one will come home. When they do come home, we need to make sure they get world-class healthcare, specifically tailored to their unique needs, especially mental health. Combat, whether from the air, ground, sea, or afar, leaves behind significant emotional and psychological scars that most of us can never comprehend. The physical scars are easier to detect and treat. The emotional and psychological scars are insidious because they are more difficult to detect, yet are just as deadly as bullet wounds.

I am committed to ensuring that our veterans receive top-notch, world-class care at home or away. I am committed to protecting our protectors each and every day!


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Mandatory Military and First Responders Mental Health Checkups:  Protecting the minds of those who protect our freedoms.

Unemployment and Homelessness of Veterans:  Protecting our protectors when they stumble.

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